QuoVadis Executive Recruitment

 The QV Executive Recruitment experience isn't your average recruitment structure.  We tailor full service recruitment services for your organization with three tiers of options.  We understand that recruitment is expensive and time consuming.  Many companies don't have time to devote to finding top talent for all of their crucial roles.  While everyone else is focused on time to fill, QV understands the importance and intentionality behind not only securing, but retaining top talent.  We take time to learn about your company, your team, the dynamics of the reporting structure, and the key aspects that are required to be successful in the role you are looking to fill.  We are efficient, thorough, and personalize each experience for you. Our focus is on Direct Hire placements. We specialize in hiring at all levels, across multiple industries, and skill sets needed for your success.

We understand there is not a one size fits all recruitment strategy, which is why we have created three tiers to cater to your needs and budget.  We can assist with one or multiple roles or even help mold your diversity and inclusion recruitment strategies.  We are hands on, integrate ourselves into your business, and produce the right candidate for you and your organization.  Whether you need assistance with one hard to fill role or multiple, we are here to bring your vision to life,

The QV Executive Recruitment experience eliminates the guesswork from strategic recruitment.  Setting the course for you to lead people, inspire change, and transform your operations.

Select the experience that's right for you:

The QV Ultimate Experience

The QV Factor Experience

The Back to the Basics Experience

This option is fully personalized to meet your needs.  We take the recruitment experience to the next level. What it includes:

  • Everything in the traditional package.

  • Job Description re-write or creation.

  • Behavioral Interview Questions for your team. 

  • Technical Interview Questions for your team.

  • Offer Letter preparation.

  • Hiring Best Practices and Compliance.

This standard option is straight to the point. You need top talent, we give you our top candidates, you run the interviews. What it includes:

  • Job posting and sourcing candidates on your behalf.

  • The QV Team will meet with the Hiring Manager and Team to assess needs.

  • Phone Screen all candidates.

  • Acts as POC for all candidates throughout the process.

  • We create a next level candidate experience.

This option is the ultimate recruitment experience.  QV will model in-house recruitment. What it includes:

  • Everything in the QV Factor package,

  • On-site Interview Management

  • Scheduling of all in-person, Skype, & phone screens with Calendar integration.

  • Interview prep for all interviewers.

  • Feedback collection and synthesis.

  • Formal Offer

Don't see the right option for you? 

We also specialize in standard Direct Hire fills to meet your needs.  Contact us for more information!