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QuoVadis Academy

Strategic people operations design
About this course

A highly impactful 2-day workshop designed within the QuoVadis People Operations Compass framework. The course is perfect for you if you’re a small business owner needing to get yourself or your managers quickly trained on critical people operations and management skills.

Targeted course objectives for businesses and/or companies expanding and scaling up operations and human resource departments.

Course content is structured, easy to understand, and provides guided opportunities for practical application.

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Evolution of HR

Discover the maturity model setting industry leading companies  apart from their competitors. Recognize where your business falls on the HR maturity spectrum and start the path forward.

Module 2: QV People Ops Compass

Connect your people operations to your business strategy with the QuoVadis approach. Evaluate the current state of your business strategy alignment and integration. 

Module 3: Pillars of Business

Translate your business objectives into a thoughtful vision & mission statement. Develop an authentic brand identity and the skills required for impactful communication.

Module 4: Recruiting

Design and implement a strategic, sustainable recruiting program attracting top talent, building relationships with hiring managers, and strengthening retention. 

Module 5: Onboarding

Produce an onboarding experience cultivating connection and loyalty to your organization. Organize and plan for overall long term success from the start.

Module 6: Learning & Development

Develop competency models identifying the knowledge, skills, & abilities required to execute business objectives. Construct effective training based on the science of how people learn.

Module 7: Performance Mangement

Establish performance expectations to evaluate your employees with ease. Identify gaps leveraging your L&D strategy to drive performance and feedback. 

Module 8: HR Infrastructure

Assess your total rewards system, employee relations, and compliance processes to ensure intentionality and brand authenticity.

Module 9: Employee Experience

Increase engagement and be more than a job to your people. Gain exposure to programs focused on diversity & inclusion, wellness, volunteering, and creativity in the workplace.

Module 10: Leadership

Discover your authentic leadership style.  Extend that self-awareness into inspirational leadership actions fostering loyalty, trust, and overall team success.

Module 11: Succession Planning

Proactively plan for the sustainability of your business. Minimize any disruption to operations during times of transition by identifying and cultivating future leader.

Module 12: Off Boarding

Protect and expand your brand further by exiting employees with dignity and purpose. Ensure and leverage their support even after they’ve left your organization.

Daily Schedule Breakdown



8:30AM - 5:00PM

  • Evolution of HR

  • QV Compass Overview

  • Pillars of Business

  • Recruiting 

  • Onboarding

  • Learning & Development 


8:30AM - 5:00PM

  • Performance Management

  • HR Infrastructure

  • Employee Experience

  • Leadership

  • Succession Planning

  • Off Boarding


What you'll take with you
QuoVadis Consulting Workbook which contains
  • Pillars of Business

    • HR Strategy Best Practices

    • Find Your Why Exercise

    • Effective Communication Delivery Strategies

  • Recruiting​

    • Core Components of Job Descriptions

    • Behavioral Interview Questions

    • Recruiting Feedback Template

  • Onboarding

    • Tactical Onboarding Checklist

    • Onboarding Strategy Formation Process

    • Critical 90-Day Plan

  • Learning & Development

    • The Science of  Adult Learning

    • Differentiating Training from L&D

    • Core Components of Knowledge Management

  • Performance Management

    • Goal Setting Criteria

    • Foundations of High Performing Teams

    • Basic Foundational Feedback Toolkit

  • HR Infrastructure

    • Sample Investigation Questionnaire

    • Sample Employee Handbook (Examples of Policies)

    • Sample Pay Grades Breakdown

  • Employee Experience

    • Wellness & Volunteering Initiatives Template

    • Employee Program Ideas

    • Sample Diversity & Inclusion Policy

  • Leadership

    • Discovering Leadership Styles

    • Leadership Reflection for Development

    • Cultivating Inspirational Leadership

  • Succession Planning

    • Sample Nine Box Template

    • Succession Planning Strategy Overview

    • Sample Assessment Matrix

  • Off Boarding

    • Sample Exit Interview Questions

    • Sample Post-Mortem Questionnaire

    • Sample Exit Interview Checklist

​Ongoing Professional Development and Networking Opportunities​

  • QuoVadis People Operations Compass Framework

  • List of Book and TEDtalk recommendations for additional resources

  • All participants are invited to join QuoVadis Alumni Facebook group for additional content and comment board

Please Read Before Registering

By submitting payment and/or by attending the QV Academy class you agree that you (a) have fully read and completely agree to the QuoVadis Consulting Terms & Conditions, (b) have reviewed the course description AND refund policy within our Terms & Conditions more than 7 days prior to the course start date, and (c) you understand that QuoVadis Consulting does not offer refunds if you do not attend or are unable to attend your class, you may only reschedule*.

* Review Terms & Conditions in their entirety for full clarification

Total Cost: $2,600 / seat