QV Beginnings: Meet Our Founder, Jillian Ferry

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Discover the why of our Founder and her journey to create QuoVadis.

Born from the idea that the workplace should be a safe, engaging, and fulfilling space for all, QuoVadis emerged into existence. Our journey here was a bumpy road, each tile falling at exactly the right time, lighting the path to our inception. My story starts with my ten-year-old self. It was at this age that I started to form my opinions, my sense of self, and the notion that I would change the world someday. I didn’t know how, but I knew somehow that it would come to fruition. I was so inspired; the world was a book of endless possibilities and nothing would stand in my way. My parents raised me to trust my instincts and to persevere through all adversity, that no obstacle was too large or insurmountable, that all I needed was persistence, hard work, and a little luck to achieve anything I could dream up. I took this with me throughout my childhood, and when I faced my first extreme adversity in my college years, the lighted path I had once seen so clearly, began to fade. The dose of reality that slaps so many of us in the face, overpowered my every thought.

After I finished my Bachelor’s degree, uncertainty looming, I chose to take a piece of advice from my ten-year-old self and push forward into the workforce with purpose and to find my home in this great big world. This led me to my first real job out of college, Burnett Specialists. Here I found a renewed sense of “anything is possible”. I was changing the world, one candidate at a time, becoming a part of their story and helping them find their ‘why’ and purpose in life. Burnett skyrocketed my career; I wouldn’t where I am today without their guidance and training.

My next career move steered me to the gates of Rice University. It was here I met my first mentor; a woman who pushed me to break through my own perceived notions of my abilities, who believed in me, and taught me everything she knew. This opened doors for me that would otherwise not have been made available. Rice University, built on excellence and prestige, shows the world a place where each employee is truly valued. Everyone who works there is kind, humble, intelligent, and understands what they stand for, and their impact in the system. I would venture to say that no one does collaboration better. Rice was my first encounter with a true employee experience that challenged itself to be better, to engage employees, and drive performance. It was during this time that I began my Master’s degree program at UH, where I met my business partner, essentially starting the domino effect that led us here. I always tell everyone, my world was the size of a tennis ball on my first day of that HRD program, and by the end it expanded into a full-on basketball. I found my voice, my purpose, my confidence, and the feeling that even with everything I know today, there is a whole other world out there I have never experienced before; I love the idea of something being bigger than myself. It was here that I joined the movement to change the world one company at a time, to drive companies to value their people above all else.

I left Rice, after I was recruited to work for a company in the medical field, and in a span of five years I went from focusing on talent and career development to running the entire function of HR from administration to payroll to benefits to performance management, and everything in between. It was a true outlet to make real life changes in the world, but even here my reach was not far enough. I know I can do more, I can recruit more people to join the movement, to spark a fire in their people leading to higher profits and higher employee fulfillment. A workplace driven by people, intentionally aligned to business objectives, taking companies to the next level, while changing the lives of each employee. This drives my passion for QuoVadis to be successful. We want to impact each industry, each stream of business, to change the game by helping businesses grow without leaving their people behind. People are every company’s greatest asset, but I see it time and again, people are underutilized, in the wrong role, or uninspired in the workplace. This seeps into the foundation of an organization affecting their brand, their profits, and their reputation in their industry. We can do better, if not for the greater good, then for the pure vision of each founder and CEO to be emulated in each and every employee. We are excited for the future and the opportunity to lead people, inspire change, and transform operations in your company. Set the course and join the movement!

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