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Helping businesses create magic with their greatest commodity, their people.

Corporate consultants thrive on confusion. QuoVadis Consulting is here to guide you through your key HR functions without all the chaos. Together, we will create personalized people operations programs, so you can keep doing what you do best.

The QuoVadis People Operations 


Knowing where you need to go, setting the course to get you there. 

Created after observing the same detrimental patterns of inefficiencies hindering business performance, we became passionate about providing business stakeholders with a solid plan targeting the root causes of those inefficiencies.


The QV compass deciphers the cause and effect relationship between managing business operations and leading people. It eliminates the guesswork from essential people dependent aspects of operations.  Applying the framework sets the course for you to lead, inspire, and transform your business.


Tired of all the HR buzz words and wondering how free snacks in the break room ties to your profit margins?

Are disruptions to daily operations costing your business

time and money?

The workforce is rapidly changing. The days of HR as a back office function are gone. The QV Compass clarifies the evolution of HR and creates a direct correlation between your people operations and business performance. The framework links strategic HR components essential to business growth.

Eliminate the guesswork!

Partnering with business leaders, QuoVadis provides critical business insights leveraging data and analytics. Data based decision making sets the course to grow your business authentically and intentionally.

Through our proven framework, business stakeholders gain the clarity necessary for long term success.

We eliminate the guesswork from essential people dependent aspects of any business enabling you to lead, inspire, and transform your customer experience.

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